Already when I was a child I used to play school and I was a teacher with my imaginable students. Today I'm happy to share my learnings which I have collected over 5 years. Motherhood toughed and inspired me to live differently, to choose positive side of the life, to love myself, to find my inner peace, to start my first projects as a creative consultant.

Born in a very ancient city Samarkand - Central Asia, raised in a place full of sunshine and natural foods. I was an active child who wanted to try and learn new things, I loved singing and making beautiful photos of my own self.

The life draw my way through cities like, Tashkent, Riga, New York, Munich, Stuttgart, Berlin and right now I'm living with my family in Leipzig, Germany. During so many years of moving, studying, working and living with different cultures - I have gained experience not only professionally but mostly to understand different cultures and people psychology as well as what all of us actually need to be happy.

By working in a dynamic fashion retail company before becoming a mother, my aim was to get better position, to earn more money, to travel to a nice cities, dress beautiful things.
All that - is not something bad, it is definitely the add ons of a beautiful life - but it is not the essence.
I believed that if I get better position or better salary will make me happy. Also I believed that if I get married or have a child will fulfill my heart. These are all add ons but the essence is inside of us.
I have read so many books on themes like, spirituality, psychology, mind power, relationships. I have prayed for period of time, meditated and also worked with affirmations. But the effect was shortly and wasn't really staying with me.

My everyday life was full of just material world and I was too busy to stop to feel my inner world.
When, I became a mother for my first child - that was a time which was like a warm light full of love but at the same time like a huge punch on the face. I was full of love to my child but at the same time I felt lost and empty. Especially when my child was ready to step in to kindergarten.

Exactly, then started my journey to finding myself, to work on my fears, to love myself, to lighten up my confidence.
Exactly, now I feel like I can share all my learnings which I have collected since years. I'm learning even today and I will always continue doing so.
"But now, I am ready to share what I have learned and inspire some of you with a possibility of living positive, happy, healthy and in peace." Learn to enjoy time with your ownself, learn to enjoy time with your kids, find your passion job, find a time for yourself.

These are the essence of a happy life - and then we of course should add things like finance, material beautiful items, our place of living, travels and vacations. I love beautiful items and I love quality in food and clothes - but this I enjoy mostly because I take care of my inner world too.

We all learn everyday to become a better version of ourselves
I believe I need to share my learnings with more women who need these practices. As well as to support all up and coming female businesses.
My story