Happy me
I believe I need to share my learnings with more women who need these practices. Therefore, I have created inspiring self-development course "Happy Me" - for all women out there, who need to find a direction in their life as well as to step into the positive side of the life.
These are some points of what will you learn in my six weeks Happy me course
To solve problems
without conflicts
Positive thinking
Creating new
positive belives
To control your
To listen to your body
First steps to self love
Loving parenting
Set your clear aims

To love your home
Live a dream life
as it will be
The course will be in audio format including homeworks
The audio sessions including homework will be sent twice a week to you through telegram channel.

The course will also include support like

⁃ Chat with all participants
⁃ Private chat with me & my team for extra questions
If you feel like you want clearness in you life as well as in your mind, if you feel like you want to feel home again in your house and in your body, if you feel like you need a space for yourself without a guilt, if you feel like you want to be an honest parent full of energy and love - to have full package of balanced life - then that's the course for you.
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